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All-in-one solution for animatronic manufacturers

We are experts in providing real life like movement, to complex and enormous exhibits.


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Animatronic System Integrator For Manufacturers

Depia is an experienced and trustworthy animatronic system integrator for manufacturers with applied animatronics applications around the world.

With an inventive team of experts, provides complete solutions for any animatronic projects.

Depia has developed animatronic applications like dinosaur animatronic, and undeniably is the number one solution for the development of your animatronic application.

Dinosaur Animatronic Success Story

Full-Size robotic animals at Beijing National Stadium

Case Study-Dinosaur animatronic

We have successfully completed a very complex and demanding animatronic application at national stadium of Beijing. The robotic exhibits were 12 real-size dinosaur animatronics, with life-like motion, fully automated.

For the dinosaur animatronic application, more than 30 special PLC’s were used for the supervision and synchronization of more than 1000 robot movements.

As animatronic system integrators, we designed the electrical part while providing excellent advisory for the mechanical part. We programmed each and every dinosaur animatronic providing an amazing show.

We integrated special effects and much more… See the video!


We Know Manufacturer’s Needs

We totally understand the challenges that animatronic manufacturers face and we provide complete solutions to assist them building their best animatronics applications.

Our services include the design, study, implementation, commissioning, and support of the entertainment robots, just as we did with full-size dinosaur animatronic.

With our innovative programming skills, we literally bring to life the dinosaur animatronics, fulfilling every expectation.

We have worked with complex and full-size animatronic dinosaurs with breathtaking results.

Automated robotic animatronics

Life-Like movement derived from industry


Which is the added value?

We are animatronic system integrators and we provide incredible added value to animatronic applications like dinosaur animatronics.

From engineering to final implementation, our complete solutions have a great impact on the whole animatronic application.

  • Collision & Blocking safety 100% 100%
  • Ease of use 80% 80%
  • Faster construction times 70% 70%
  • Less construction costs 40% 40%
  • Quality improvement 90% 90%

Benefits for manufacturers

Real Life Like Movement

Our dinosaur animatronic move like they are real. No static or partial movements.


Amazing Flexibility

Our technical solutions provide incredible flexibility from head to tail.


Reduce Construction Costs

We integrate high-end technology with proper materials reducing costs.

Less Construction time

Our team of experts study and provide time effective construction solutions.

Ease Of Use With Scenarios

Decide if the dinosaur animatronic will go out for a walk, eat or fight. With our interface is possible.

Flawless Programming

Our programs, hide construction flaws and movement difficulties.

Absolute Safety For Exhibits

Stable complex movements without problems. Collisions and blocking free.


Fulfilling Expectations

We make it real and provide a unique show. See our dinosaur animatronics. A state of art for your clients.

Our complete solution


Implementation Study

Before construction and implementation, we study the different needs of each animatronic application. From budget to expected results, we put it all together, reaching the best techno-economic solution for any entertainment robot.


Planning & Engineering

As animatronic system integrators, we analyze the project completely. With specialized algorithms we model the entertainment robots, predicting possible problems providing guaranteed, construction advisory.

Application development

We use the best industrial technology. That’s why our applications identified by robustness and full functionality. Our long automation experience assures quality to any animatronic application.

Commissioning & Training

We stay on site and undertake the starting up of the animatronic application with analytical tests which guarantee the results. Before delivery, we train your staff and provide complete documentation.

24/7 Support

We understand your needs for support and our fully trained staff is there for you 24/7, ready to provide technical support remotely. Our telemetry systems, assure our effective and instant access.

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Let’s build together the next era of Animatronics.

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