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Complete solution for animatronic manufacturers.

We are an automation company, fully specialized in animatronic projects, providing complete and high-quality services to our partners.

With more than 20 years of experience in advanced automation applications, we have established many partnerships with leading companies in the industry. These demanding projects combined with the continuous research of the latest technology constantly improve our technical Know-how, which brings deep experience attributed to animatronic manufacturers that we are working with.

The services we offer to animatronic industry, are related only to the automation system of the exhibits and the supply of the necessary equipment. With the integrated service package and solutions, we deliver optimal machine management, safety and high performance with real life-like movement.


From the inception of the project, Depia offers consulting services concerning the construction, management, and implementation of any project.

The company helps manufacturers answer questions such as:

  • “How the exhibit will be moving?”
  • “How big can it be?”
  • “Which is the flexibility that can be achieved?”
  • “How will the exhibit be controlled?”

Experience is the biggest asset of Depia, which is used to provide added value even from the pre-planned stage.

Implementation Study

Depia fully undertakes the implementation study for the automation of the project.

The animatronic application is analyzed concerning the budget, the needs, and requirements of the manufacturer. The appropriate technological equipment is selected, depending on factors such as flexibility, movement, and size of the exhibits.

During the study, Depia builds the foundations for a show that inspires professionalism and fulfills every expectation. 

Planning & Engineering

Depia believes that Animatronic is a kind of art.

The art of using complex robotic systems and combining them all together in order to mimic human or animal movements. Achieving the desired results is a composite process that requires deep knowledge.

This the reason why Depia believes that Planning is the most important stage of any animatronic application. In-depth analysis, modelization of the exhibits and innovative engineering solutions are only a few of the factors that Depia provides and takes into account.

Application Development

The solution that Depia provides, includes the complete development of the application.

  • Electrical planning
  • Switchboard installation and signal testing
  • Equipment selection for robustness and cost reduction
  • Flawless programming that ensures flexibility, real life like movements fully adaptable to every mechanical need.

The results are fully automated animatronic exhibits that interacting with each other without the need for human contribution.


Commissioning & Training

Starting up animatronic applications is a demanding procedure and a very critical stage for the final parameterization. 

Depia’s experts stay on site in order to provide and ensure the motion on your projects by undertaking extensive tests.  The advanced algorithms can assure movement combinations without problems and absolute safety.

Before project delivery, Depia trains your staff getting them ready to handle and fully interact with the exhibits.

24/7 Customer Support

The company understands the needs of manufacturers and stands next to them with 24/7 technical support.

The technology that Depia uses, allows instant and immediate diagnosis of any problem.

The purpose of the support department is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the applications and is available to intervene in any event that may occur.

Industrial Infrastructure

Every animatronic application is based on strict industrial standards, with reliable networks and controllers that ensure consistency and long lasting reliability.

We do not use custom electronic boards…

Cutting edge & robust technology

Depia is constantly following the latest industrial technology. Research and development are some factors deeply-rooted in the philosophy of the company.

This continuous technological chase gives added value to Depia’s customers. 

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